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The President is set to hold a press conference on sweeping gun reform…

At 11:40 this morning President Barack Obama will speak to the American public and unveil the details in the Executive Order to change the country’s gun guidelines in the hopes of curbing violence.

Death of Medstar Washington patient held by guards is ruled a homicide…

The death of a 74 year old Medstar Washington patient last year has been ruled a homicide. The Medical Examiner’s report shows James Mcbride suffered a broken neck during his confrontation with two security guards who were trying to detain him.

DC City Council holds a hearing on a plan to fund security camera’s for businesses…

The DC City Council is set to hold a public hearing today on Mayor Muriel Bowser’s crime plan that calls for the District to pay for surveillance camera’s for businesses. Recently the Mayor has criticized the Council for not moving on her crime plan that was introduced by in September. Some on the Council however say there is no proof her plan would work.

No.Charleston Police Officer accused of killing a black motorist is granted bond…

North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager is out on bond. He posted the $500 bond yesterday after being denied bond back in September. Slager was charged with murder after cell phone video showed him shooting and killing an African American motorist in the back 8 times as he ran away from him during a traffic stop. His trial date has been set of October 31st.
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