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DC leaders announce a new crime fighting task force…

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has a plan to make the city safer. At 10:30 this morning the Mayor, Chief of Police and City Attorney General will announce the creation of a Robbery Task Force. The goal to identify, prosecute and remove repeat offenders from the streets.

A miscommunication among police and first responder’s may be linked to the death of a N.E. man in cardiac distress…

A full investigation is underway into the death of 67 year old Albert Jackson who died after waiting nearly 20 minutes for help to arrive. Initial reports indicate a miscommunication with police on the same street who turned the first fire struck away may have contributed to his death. It’s the 2nd address mix up in a week.

There’s a big twist in 2nd Freddie Gray trial of Ceasar Goodson…

there’s a new twist in Freddie Gray trail of Ceasar Goodson. News sources are reporting the first police officer charged in Gray’s death, William Porter is now refusing to testify in Goodson trail. Goodson has a pretrial hearing today and jury selection is expected to start on Monday.

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