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French Officials investigate a deadly terrorist attack

Officials in Paris are calling this mornings violent attack on a satirical newspaper a terrorist attack. French officials say two men armed with semi automatic guns walked into the office and killed 12 people. No one has taken responsibility for the crime.

Several schools systems decide on delayed starts again today

School leaders decided early on delaying the start of classes for today, following the backlash from parents at schools that waited too late to make the call. This morning the following school districts will open up 2 hour late. They are Prince George’s, Montgomery, Anne Arundel, Howard, Arlington, Alexandria, Culpepper, Fairfax and Manassas county schools.

Bob McDonnell fights back following yesterday’s prison sentence decision

Former Virginia Governor and now convicted felon Bob McDonnell says he will appeal yesterday’s 2 year prison sentence on corruption charges. He due to report to prison next month, just days before his wife, Maureen is sentenced.

8 siblings left out in the cold allegedly by a metro bus drive has officials on the hot seat

Metro bus officials have some explanning to do this after a couple finds eight children ranging in age from 4 to 14 years old outside in the cold crying. The siblings who were headed to school say they were kicked off of 3 Metro buses that went out of service during thier route. The kids were so cold and wet when they were found by Kevin Gadson and Acurah White that they had to be rushed to Children’s National Medical Center. They were all treated for Hypothermia. The mother had no idea, she thought they were at school. Metro says they are looking into the claim.

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