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A major U.S. ally has died, the U.S. prepares to send a delegation to Saudi Arabia

The U.S. is sending VP Joe Biden and a delegation to Saudi Arabia to pay their respects to the late King Abdullah who died overnight. The 90 year old leader was a strong U.S. allied in the fight against Al-Qaeda.

Maryland’s new Governor released his proposed budget

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has presented his balance budget proposal, this as the state look at a looming 750 million dollar deficit for the next fiscal year. Hogan is proposing an across the board 2% cut to all state agencies. He says there will be no lay-offs, furloughs or increases in taxes or fees.

Two more bodies are discovered in Annapolis mansion fire

Two more bodies have been removed from the Annapolis mansion
that wen up in flames on Monday. Two people remain missing.
AFT agents say the cause remains a mystery

President Obama hosts his annual Mayor’s Conference

Mayor’s from all across the country are here in Washington
today for President Obama’s Annual Mayor’s Conference.
The 200 plus Mayors will meet at the White House to discuss
ways that cities and federal agencies can work together to
expand services to citizens.

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