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It’s back to court for a Metro Transit cop charged with terrorism…

The Metro Transit Police Officer charged yesterday with providing material support to ISIS is due back into court today. Nicholas Young is from Northern Virginia. He’s the first U.S. police officer ever to face terrorism charges.

The President commutes the sentence of over 200 inmates…

President Barack Obama is commuting the sentences of 214 inmates. 70 percent are serving a life sentence for drug related non violent crimes. The President has commuted a total of 562 sentences while in office, it’s more than what the last 9 presidents have done all together.

Obama’s approval rating at all time high…

It’s President Barack Obama’s 55th birthday and a new CNN/ORC poll show’s the President’s approval rating is at a 2nd term all time high. 54% of American’s questioned approve the way he is doing his job.

GOP talk Trump intervention…

That’s not the case for GOP leaders when it come to Presidential nominee Donald Trump. We are getting reports that several leaders are planning a Trump intervention. They site his campaign is getting off message since the RNC. During a stop in Florida Trump tried to quit rumors of dissension within his camp saying his campaign “has never been so well united”. Trump has a stop in Portland today while Hillary Clinton will campaign in Las Vegas. VP nominee Tim Kaine will speak before the delegates at the National Urban League in Baltimore. Trump and Pence declined to attend.

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