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A woman dies in her cell 24 hours after her arrest, police say its a suicide

DC Police and Corrections Officials are looking into the sudden death of 46 year old Tawana Johnson. She was arrested Saturday for destroying property and less than 24 hours later while held in Central Cell Block she was found dead and officials say it was a suicide. No other details have been released.

Pay raise are in the work for Virginia State Workers and teachers…

Lawmakers in the Virginia General Assembly have reached a compromised on a budget proposal. The deal calls for a pay raise for State Employee, School Teachers and College Faculty, from 1.5 to 3 percent. The proposal is even getting the nod from Governor Terry McAuliffe. Now leaders will spend the next few weeks finalizing the budget before the end of the 2015 legislative session.

District City leaders take up the issue of regulating Marijuana today…

The DC City Council is set to hold two hearings today into ways to regulate and tax Marijuana, now that residents voted in favor of legalizing small amounts of pot. Leaders are moving ahead with plans despite the fact that Republicans are working to block the law. Congress has until the end of the month to take action against the referendum that was approved by DC voters last November.

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