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Fairfax Health Officials are awaiting word on a possible case of the Measles…

A person in Fairfax County, Virginia has been tested for the Measles after showing symptoms of the highly contagious disease. The patient who is under quarantine, is being treated at home. The Health Department expects to receive the results later today and if it comes back positive they will hold a news conference to alert the public.

DC Fire Department is told to stop using Encrypted radio system…

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered the city’s fire department to stop using encrypted radios to communicate by Friday. Many first responders at last months yellow line smoke incident blamed the delayed response time on problems with the agency encrypt ion system. The Mayor’s office says they are still looking into the program and they plan to publicaly address it in the coming days.

State Highway Officials return to Suitland Parkway where a huge piece of concrete fell onto a car Tuesday….

Engineer’s and Maryland State Highway officials plan to return to Suitland Parkway, the site where a large chunk of concrete fell onto a woman’s vehicle yesterday. Surprisingly the driver was not hurt but her car was badly damaged. Officials admit the bridge is on a list of 81 “Structurally Deficient” bridges in the state. The bridge is also on a list to undergo repair. Suitland Parkway is open to traffic.

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