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NTSB reports states metro had their ventilators set incorrectly

The National Transportation Safety Board which is looking into last months fatal smoke incident on the yellow line at L’Enfant Plaza are reporting that the transit agency improperly set its underground ventilation fans. The board also said that the train operator failed to shut off the ventilator in a timely fashion, which only made the matter worse. Passenger, Carol Glover died and 80 other had to be treated at area hospitals.

Metro hold a public meeting today on plans to increase fare

Metro Transit Officials are planning a 1pm public hearing today at their headquarters regarding increasing bus and rail fares and decreasing some services.

Driver of SUV that was killed after hitting a school bus, was a 17 year old student

The driver of a SUV that crashed into a school bus in Frederick County, Maryland yesterday was a 17 year student from Middletown High School. Police say Claire Knight was not texting while driving, her cell phone was found in her back pocket.

Leaders decide the morning on whether to shutdown Dorothy Height Public Charter School

Right now, the DC Public Charter School Board is meeting about whether or not to allow the Dorothy I. Height Community Academy Public Charter School to keep its charter. Leaders will vote on it this morning. The decision follows reports of misappropriated funds from the school’s bank account.

Prince George’s County School Board votes today on closing two schools

The Prince George’s County School Board is set to vote tonight at 7pm about the fate of Thomas Claggett and Kenmore Elementary Schools. Over the last few months parents, teachers and community members have held events in support of the board keeping the schools open. The schools could be converted into child care centers.

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