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DHS is preparing for a shutdown as lawmakers haggle over a budget deal…

Congress has until Friday to approve a budget deal and keep the Department of Homeland Security open beyond Friday. The head of the Department is preparing for a partial government shutdown. Later today he will deliver a speech before members of Congress in the hopes of getting them to avert the possible furloughs of 30 thousand employee’s. Another 200 thousand would have to report to work without pay, there is no guarantee that they will receive back pay.

A high ranking State Department Official is arrested for soliciting sex from a minor…

A high ranking State Department Official in the Counter terrorism division has been arrested and charged with soliciting a minor. 44 year old Daniel Rosen was arrested yesterday at his home in DC. Rosen allegedly communicated several times online with a person he thought was a child, instead it was a police officer from the Fairfax County Child Exploitation Unit, who was posing as a child. Rosen will have to be extradited to Virginia.

The Prince George’s County District Courthouse remains closed for a 5th day….

The Prince George’s County District Courthouse remains closed again today due to water pipes that broke from the cold and caused major water and electrical damage. There’s no word when the court house will reopen. The Hyattsville District Courthouse is available for filings. The county’s Circuit Courthouse is ok and it is open for the public.

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