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Possible record snow totals are expected tomorrow…

The entire WHUR listening area will be under a “Winter Storm Warning” tonight through tomorrow. This afternoon’s rain is expected to turn into snow over night producing between 4 to 8 inches says forecasters. Area’s further North and West of the Metropolitan area could see up to 10 inches. Look for big delays and closures Thursday and possibly Friday. Stay tune to WHUR for weather updates and closures.

A partial government shut down of DHS is averted…

Congress has approved a bill to fully fund the Department of Homeland Security. The measure that does not mention the executive orders made by the president on immigration reform. This bill which averts a partial government shutdown of the security agency now heads to the desk of President Obama. He is expected to sign off on it.

The DOJ releases a report that shows ramped racist practices by the St. Louis Police Department…

The Justice Department is set to release their probe into police in the St. Louis suburbs. Reportedly, they found that police routinely stopped and arrested African American’s without probable cause. The investigation comes some 6 months after unarmed teenager Micheal Brown, who was shot by a white police officer. The probe also found racist emails from police in the department and by some who work for the courts.

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