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Prince George’s County Police Officer is killing in the line of duty and the search for a witness is in full swing…

Prince George’s County Investigators are looking for the driver and or passengers of a dark colored minivan seen in surveillance video behind the police cruiser just minutes before it lost control and crashed. Officer Brennan Rabain who was off duty at the time and taking his girlfriend home, spotted a vehicle driving at a high rate of speed. Officer Rabain began following the vehicle and at some point lost control hitting a wooden fence. Officer Rabain was killed and his girlfriend survived. Rabain leaves behind a 2 year old daughter. A Gofundme account has already raised $10,000 for her.

Rep. Donna Edwards sets her sights on the Senate…

The “Washington Post” is reporting that U.S. Representatives Donna Edwards is planning to run for the Senate. The paper says Edwards will make the official announcement tomorrow to run to fill the seat of retiring Senator Barbara Mikulski.
Representative Chris Van Hollen announced his quest for the position last week.

More protest in Wisconsin following another A.A. teen shot & killed by police …

The Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin is vowing to get answers to why an unarmed African American teen was gunned down by a white police officer over the weekend. On Saturday, Officer Matthew Kenny shot and killed 19 year old Tony Robinson while responding to a disturbance call. The state division of criminal investigations is looking into the shooting.

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