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DC Mayor orders more ambulances on the streets during peak hours…

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has ordered an increase of 10 more ambulances be placed on city streets during peak daylight hours. The decision follows a DC Government report that found major issues with the city’s Fire & EMS Departments response time, newly installed tablets malfunctioning and the shortage of staff members. The city’s new Fire Chief Gregory Dean will take office in May.

Two teens are arrested in connection to a string of robberies in N.E. …

DC police have taken two male juveniles into custody in connection with 5 recent robberies along the Metropolitan Branch Trail in N.E.. In each case a knife was used. Thankfully no one was hurt.

DC’s Potholepalooza campaign begins today

The Districts annual Potholepalooze kicks off today. For the next 30 days DDOT crews will fill the car damaging holes. You can help by calling, emailing or texting where you see a pothole. DDOT is working to repair the holes within 48 hours of the initial call.

French Officials have found the black box from yesterday plane crash …

Officials in France are reporting that the voice recorder from the German Airbus plane that crashed in the Alps yesterday with 150 people on board has been found. We are learning this morning that at least two of the victims were Americans. The cause of the crash remains a mystery. There’s no word on the identities of the American victims.

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