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Desperate search for a 19 year old construction worker missing after a silo collapse in Leesburg…

The is a desperate search for a missing construction worker at the Luck Stone quarry in Leesburg. The unidentified worker remains unaccounted for following the collapse of a silo filled with a fine mineral substance. The worker is believed to be 19 years old.

DC Police are looking for 7 men wanted in the kidnapping and sexual assault of another man…

It’s an unusual case, but police in the District are looking for seven suspect in connection tot he sexual assault of a man. The victim says he was walking along 14 Street and Parkwood Place around 8 pm on Friday in Columbia Heights. He says he was approached by a man with a gun who forced him into a white van. Inside the van he was sexually assaulted by seven men.

FBI, ATF & Secret Service join Baltimore Police to crack down on the deadly violence in the city…

Starting today the FBI, ATF, U.S. Marshall and Secret Service will assist Baltimore Police try to solve a historic number of murders. 191 homicides this hear, 45 during the month of July alone and 11 shootings between Saturday and Sunday, two of which were fatal. The partnership is called B-fed begins today with various agents on the streets of Baltimore until the cases are solved and violent crimes drop.

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