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We are learning more about the terrorist in the deaths of dozens of people in France…

We are learning more about the suspect who drove a tractor trailer through a crowd celebrating Independence Day in Nice, France yesterday killing 84 people, two of which were Americans. The accused suspect who was gunned down by police, was a 31 year old Tunisian born French man with a criminal background. Investigators fear he may have had bigger plans. Inside of the 18 wheeler they found hand grenades and explosives.

Prince George’s County grand jury decides on whether to charge the officer who shot Officer JaCai Colson case…

Prince George’s County States Attorney Angela Alsobrooks has just announced the decision by a grand jury on whether or not to charge the police officer who shot and killed Officer Jacai Colson outside of the District III Police station during an ambush by a armed gunman back in March. Three brothers Michael, Malik and Elijah Ford all face 2nd degree murder and attempted murder charges in Officer Colson’s death. They remain in jail without bond.

Trump makes it official…

It’s official Donald Trump just tweeted that his running mate will be Indiana Governor Mike Pence. Trump will hold a 11 press conference tomorrow to formally introduce him. Hillary Clinton is set to make an announcement about her running mate in the coming days as well.

Funeral services for Alton Sterling have begun in Baton Rouge …

Funeral services for Alton Sterling began at Noon. He’s the 37 year old father of 5 that was shot and killed by a Baton Rouge Police Officer as he stood outside a convenience store selling CD’s. The Rev. Jesse Jackson & Al Sharpton are both expected to speak.

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