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The search for a police impostor is happening in Prince George’s County…

There is still a big concern in Prince George’s County over a man who is impersonating a police officer. On Monday night a woman in Clinton was pulled over by the suspect along Old Branch Avenue. She was not harmed. The suspect is described as a white male 6′ 3″ & 250 pounds and driving a black car with a red siren. According to the victim he was wearing a Prince George’s County Police uniform.

New video shows a Fl. cop shooting an unarmed man who had his hands up…

Another day another video of an unarmed A.A. man with his hands up being shot by police. Charles Kinsey a therapist in Miami Dade County Florida was shot 3 times while trying to help an autistic patient holding a toy car. The video shows Kinsey on the ground on his back the entire time with his hand up when he was shot by police.

The RNC enters is final day….

The last and biggest day yet is ahead for the Republican National Convention. Can GOP Nominee Donald Trump finish strong after a very rocky week? whur reporter Harold fisher is live at the RNC in Cleveland, Ohio with more on the story. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton is expected to announce her choice for a running mate by tomorrow. Join Harold Fisher for more on political news and the RNC at 7 on the Daily Drum.

10 suspects arrested for planning a terrorist plot at the Olympic’s…

In Rio de Janeiro, police have arrested 10 suspects connected to a plot to launch a terrorist attack during the Olympic’s. We will have more details on the Daily Drum tonight.

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