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A woman dies following a violent night in the District…

A woman is dead following five separate shootings and two separate quadruple stabbings. The woman who was found on “T” Street in NW has not been identified. Police have made arrest in both of the stabbing cases.

NBC News is reporting a N. Charleston officer has been indicted in the murder of an unarmed A.A. man following a traffic stop…

NBC News is reporting this hour that former North Charleston Police Officer Michael Slager has been indicted for murder, for shooting 50 year old Walter Scott in the back. Earlier this year, Scott was pulled over for a broken tail light. When the police officer asked him to get out the car, Scott ran because he was behind on child support and didn’t want to go back to jail.

Video of white police officers slamming a unarmed female girl to the ground is prompting protest later today in a suburb of Dallas…

Residents in the Dallas, Texas suburb of Mckinney plan to take to the streets today to protest what they call excessive use of force on young African American children at a pool part over the weekend. It was caught on cell phone video and posted on line. The video shows the a unidentified officer throwing a young girl who was unarmed and wearing a bikini to the ground. It also showed him pulling out his gun on a group of other kids who ran to her aid. The officer has been placed on leave, pending a full investigation.

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