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DC Mayor holds a 1pm press conference today to discuss new tactic in fighting crime…

DC Mayor Boswer is planning to hold a 1pm press conference about public safety in the city following an up tick in crime. This comes on the heels of the police department setting up a community outreach post on “O” Street in the Shaw neighborhood. The blue pop up tent will be manned by police 24 hours a day until the end of summer.

Cleveland Officials looking into the death of A.A. woman hours after she was arrested…

In Cleveland, Ohio investigators are looking into the death of a black woman who died while in police custody. It’s believed Ralkina Jones was over medicated. NBC News says there are clear discrepancies with the jails main log. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiners Office is looking into her cause of death.

Money to help low income students in DC, MD & VA pay for AP tests is coming….

Financial help is on the way for low income students in our area wanting to take Advance Placement Tests. On Wednesday, the Department of Education announced that they were awarding over $28 Million Dollars in grants to several states and the District of Columbia. DC will get $38,000, MD will get over $645,000 and Va will get over $447,000.

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