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The Baltimore Police Officers in the Freddie Gray murder case will stand trial in the city…

The judge overseeing the case of 6 Baltimore City Police Officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray has denied a request for a change of venue. The announcement send the crowd of protesters outside of the courthouse in an uproar. Police were prepared for the worst. Reportedly, one protesters was arrested before the announcement.

More ambulances are headed to DC after another infant had to be taken in a fire truck…

More ambulances are coming to the District, 14 next month says DC Fire Chief Gregory Dean. This new information follows a second baby in DC in a week, that had to be rushed to a hospital in a fire truck because an ambulance was not nearby. Paramedics on the fire truck waited 14 minutes before deciding to take the one month old who was in distress to Children’s Hospital. The child survived, that was not the ending however last Friday for a 5 month old.

Tomorrow’s 9-11 and there’s a new push for a DC memorial…

Tomorrow is 9-11, it marks 14 years since the massive and historic terrorists attacks on U.S. Soil. Now, there is a push to build a 9-11 Pentagon Memorial Visitor Center. The structure would house exhibits and also host educational programs. Supporters need to raise $60 million dollars. The Pentagon Memorial is the only 9-11 Memorial that does not have an educational center.

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