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Do Not Drink the water in DC

Residents in parts of N.W. are stocking up on bottled water–this as a “Do Not Drink” advisory remains in effect for area’s North and East of Logan Circle. DC Waster officials are trying to find the source of why the water has a gasoline smell to it. Residents are also being warned not to bath in the water. You can however use the water to wash your clothing, flush or on plants. Crews have been out since last night flushing the lines trying to figure out the problem.

DC Police call a meeting to deal with rash or rapes & robberies in NW

Another woman has been robbed and raped in the NW neighborhood of Petworth. It happened on Tuesday at 13th and Quincy Streets and tonight at 7 DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier is holding a community meeting to inform residents what they can do to be safe and what investigators are doing to solve the recent rash of robberies and rapes in the area. Tonight’s public meeting is at the Raymond Recreation Center.

A HBCU could be forced to close

The Associated Press is reporting that a HBCU may be forced to close its doors. It appears Cheyney University in Pennsylvania in is dire financial crisis due to low enrollment and mounting expenses. Officials point to cuts in state funding and only a 9% four year graduation rate as to some of the reasons why.

Boston Bombing suspect appears in court

The sole surviving Boston Bombing suspect is set to make his first court appearance today. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev arrived in Federal court this morning to answer to charges that he and his brother built and planted two bombs the finish line of the 2013 annual marathon. Three people were killed and hundreds more were injured.

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