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Pepco Exelon merger a step closer to reality…

DD Mayor Muriel Bowser is now throwing her support behind the Pepco Exelon merger. The Mayor announced yesterday that the city has reached a deal in the matter. The $6.4 Billion dollar deal, if approved would bring hundreds of jobs to the district, prevent rate hikes for residents thru 2019 and the utility company
would invest $78 Million into the city. The merger now needs the approval of the DC Public Service Commission.

Washington Hospital patient suffered a broken neck after struggle with security guards…

The Med Star Washington Hospital patient who died after a scuffle with security guards, suffered a broken neck. It happened as the guards reportedly tried to bring him back into the hospital. The patient has been identified as 74 year old Jim McBride of N.E.. There is an ongoing investigation into his death. McBride leaves behind a wife and 2 children.

Police Charles County are offering a reward in the shooting of a teen for his bike…

The gunman who shot a 17 year old in Waldorf yesterday and stole his bike remains on the loose. The teen was on a bike trail along Allwood Drive and Bannister Circle when he was approached by two men. A $1k reward is being offered in the case.

Cucumber Salmonella scare hits Maryland…

Maryland as been added to the list of states reporting a cucumber Salmonella outbreak linked to Mexico. The Center for Disease Control says more than 730 people have become ill. Four have died from the bacteria.

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