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Three dc schools are closed today, because of ongoing water restrictions.

Cleveland, Garrison and Seaton Elementary Schools are not open, after DC water crews have identified petroleum in the water near Logan Circle. A ‘do not drink’ order is still in place. Free, drinkable water is availble at a DC water mobile unit on O Street northwest…but you must bring your own container.

President Obama’s final press conference of 2014.

Before heading off to Hawaii for the holidays, the President is expected to address questions on us police toward Cuba, and the Sony hacking incident.

Boko Haram strikes again.

The militant group responsible for kidnapping nearly 300 Nigerian schoolgirls, apparently attacked a village in northeastern Nigeria, on Sunday…reportedly killing 33 residents, and taking 200 young men, women, and children hostage.

Survivors of the attack tell the BBC that the had to travel hundreds of miles via back roads, to avoid areas overrun with jihadists, in order to alert people of the gruesome details.

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