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1,600 Nurses walk off the job at a local hospital

A 24 hour Nurses strike at Med Star Washington Hospital is in it’s 5th hour. 1,600 Nurses walked off the job this morning following stalled contract talks between their union and hospital administrators. At issue pay and staff shortages, they say could put patients in danger. The hospital is open and they have brought in additional staff to cover the Nurses on strike.

Rumors of gun violence prompts police to increase security at two area high schools

Extra security is on had at two area schools today in Maryland. Additional police coverage has been added to Tuscarora and Frederick County High Schools this following recent social media rumors of a possible shooting spree. The rumors actually started last week and on Friday officers were placed outside and inside the schools as a precaution as well.

The nation mourns the loss of two law enforcement officers gun down in retaliation for Michael Brown and Eric Garner

There’s a grown makeshift memorial in New York where two NYPD Officers were executed by a man who was retaliating against the police shooting of Michael Brown and Eric Garner. DC and New York community leaders are asking Brown and Garner protesters to hold of on protesting until the police officers are peacefully laid to rest. The gunman 22 year old Ishmaayl Brinsely shot and killed himself at a near by subway station after shooting the police officers in thier cruiser. Now, prior to heading to New York, Brinsely shot his ex girlfriend in her Baltimore apartment. She was hit in the stomach and survived.

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