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Russia offers $50 Million for information about plane bombers…

Russia is now offering a $50 Million dollar reward for information on whoever is responsible for putting a bomb on a passenger plane the blew up in Egypt last month. Earlier this morning the Kremlin and Egyptian officials confirmed a home made bomb was on the plane that killed more than 200 passengers.

Metro steps up security…

If you use metro to get around you will notice an increase police presence as well as random K-9 sweeps and bag checks. Metro Transit Police Chief Ron Pavlik says it’s necessary. The increased security is in response to ISIS issuing a threat against Washington, DC on social media.

Fear in the U.S. of a terror attack prompts the evacuation of a plane at BWI…

The fear of a possible terrible act has prompted another commercial plane to be deboarded. It happened this morning in Baltimore on Spirit Airlines. WJLA TV is reporting a woman of middle eastern descent went to the back of the plane as the plane prepared for take off. the woman and three men she was with were escorted off the plane after the crew said they felt uncomfortable.

Racial tensions remain high in Minneapolis follow the shooting of an unarmed A.A. man…

Tensions remain high in Minneapolis following the shooting of another unarmed black man. Last night over 50 protestors who blocked and interstate were arrested. They are upset over the shooting of 24 year old Jamal Clark by police. Clark who was shot in the head was reportedly in handcuffs at the time. He is currently on life support.

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