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D.O.J’s launches a probe into Chicago Police Department procedures…

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has ordered an investigation into the practices of the Chicago Police Department. The probe is in direct response to public outcry over the police shooting of 17 year old Laquan McDonald 16 times while he was on the ground last year. The officer Jason Van Dyke was only recently charged with his murder. Over 400 protesters took to the streets on Sunday and among other things they called for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down.

President Obama tries to assure American’s US will defeat ISIS…

President Obama held a rare Oval Office address to the American public last night to assure citizens that their is a plan in place to detect and destroy ISIS. It did not take Republican Presidential Candidates long to respond, with in minutes Donald Trump tweeted “Is that all there is?” Florida Senator Marco Rubio said on Fox News that Obama did nothing to address Americans’ concern about threats from ISIS.

Wilson H.S. changes its security procedure following last weeks gun incident…

We are awaiting word on the Wilson High School student arrested last week for bringing a loaded semi automatic hand gun to school. He is due in court this morning. Meantime, Wilson High School has revamped its security measures as a result of last weeks potential dangerous incident. A new resource officer will patrol the school and now no student will be allowed in the building before 8 without an
adult. The students father said his son feared for his life after a fight earlier in the school year.

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