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DC Police will search two new sites for missing Relisha Rudd…

New developments in the Relisha Rudd missing person case has lead DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier to launch new searches for the 8 year old last seen on March 1st in 2014. During a Press Conference this morning Chief Lanier said today’s action has to do with information for old and new details. Right now Police, Police Cadets & FBI agents are searching a construction site near the 5th District Police Station near Blandensburg Road in N.E..

Now word on the driver killed in Landover accident…

The Driver of the car that died in a accident this morning in Landover has not been identified. Investigators are still trying to piece together what caused the vehicle to loose control and crash into a pole and burst into flames.

Former Mayor Gray looking at a possible run for the city council again…

Vincent Gray for City Council. That could be a reality once again. Sources say that the Former Mayor Vincent Gray is now looking at a run for a City Council seat after being cleared of any wrong doing in Federal Investigation into his 2010 Mayoral Campaign. In a statement Grey said “Justice delayed is justice denied, but I cannot
change history”.

A lawmaker joins the call for Chicago’s Mayor to resign…

In Chicago, the call for Mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down following the cities actions in the death of Laquan McDonald is now getting some political support. State Representative LaShawn Ford is proposing a bill that would allow for a recall election. Hundreds of protesters took to the streets last night demanding that Mayor step down. More protests are planned for today.

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