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A new robbery task force is introduced in the District…

DC Police have a new tool to help with the up tick in violent robberies in the city. Earlier this morning DC Mayor Muriel Bowser along with the Chief of Police and the City Attorney General announced the creation of a Robbery Task Force.The team will work to identify patterns and then prosecute repeat offenders and get them off the streets.

New changes to DC’s EMS procedures following the death of a N.E. man….

DC Fire and EMS Chief Gregory Dean has announced some major changes to department procedures following Sunday’s death of 67 year old Albert Jackson. Starting today dispatched units will be required to repeat the address upon arrive on the scene. In addition officials are working on providing first responder’s with specific information on what type of emergency they are responding to. Jackson died after a mix up with police caused fire fighters nearly 20 minutes to get to his home in N.E.

A Baltimore judge has made a decision in the pretrial for the second officer charged in the Freddie Gray murder…

In Baltimore, pretrial hearing for the transport van driver in the Freddie Gray murder case has ended. A judge in the Caesar Goodson pre trial hearing has ruled that the jury will remain anonymous and that the trial will be held in Baltimore. Later today the judge will rule on whether Officer William Porter will be required to testify in Goodson’s trail.

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