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11 Year old DC boy remains missing…

District police have released a picture of a missing 11 year old from S.E. boy, his name is Brooklyn Johnson and he was last seen around 7 last night in the 4200 block of Hildreth Street in S.E.. You can see an image of Johnson on any of my social media accounts @taylorthomas963.

Attorney’s for William Porter plan to appeal a judge’s order that he has to testify against his co workers…

Sometime today attorney’s for former Baltimore Police Officer William Porter plan to appeal a judge’s decision yesterday requiring Porter to testify in the trial of fellow Officer Caesar Goodson. Goodson’s trail will begin with jury selection on Monday. Goodson faces the most serious charge of 2nd degree murder. Despite the decision Defense Attorney Warren Brown says the prosecution will still have a tough time proving there case.

Sandra Bland’s mother speaks out about the prejury charge against the trooper who arrested her daughter three days before her death…

From Chicago just moments ago, the mother of Sandra Bland spoke to reporters.
Geneva Reed-Veal says she is not happy with a prejury charged decided by a Texas grand jury against the white trooper who arrested her dauthter during a traffic stop last July. Bland’s family was working on raising $500 to get her out of jail when she was found dead in her cell three days after her arrest. Bland’s death was ruled a suicide.

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