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Largo driver accused of Thursday’s deadly 9 car accident posts bond…

The driver accused of causing yesterday’s fatal 9 car accident in Largo has posted bond. Police say 34 year old Juan Sanchez was driving with a suspended license and he was wanted for a 2014 DUI case. A woman was killed in Thrusday’s accident and three others injured.

Wal-mart decides not to build two scheduled stores in the District…

It’s a big surprise that has city leaders fuming. Wal-mart has decided that it will not build two scheduled stores in the District. One of which would have been located in S.E.. This news comes on the heels that the discount retailer is closing 269 stores worldwide.

DC’s Mayor signs off on rebate security camera bill…

Right now, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is signing off on a bill that will give property and business owners who install and register security camera’s with the police department a rebate. Up to $500 for homeowners and up to $750 for businesses including churches. Some council members however say they are concerned because the cost for this plan has not been cleared laid out.

It’s sentencing day for the Wilson H.S. teen with caught with a gun at school…

Later today, the Wilson High School teen who brought a load semi automatic handgun to school last month is due for sentencing. The unidentified male who was suspended, plead guilt to possession of an unregistered firearm.

Democratic Presidential Debate set for this weekend…

It was a sparing match last night for the top two GOP Presidential Candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. The two dominated the debate. On Sunday at 9, the Democratic Presidential candidates will take part in their last debate before the important Iowa caucus.

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