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The U.S. steps forward to help France find the terrorist who killed several people at a local newspaper

The U.S. is offering France help in the manhunt for as many as three gunman wanted for this mornings shooting of at least 12 people at a Paris newspaper known for making fun of the Prophet Mohammad. Earlie this morning on the Senator floor, Senator Dick Durbin said the U.S. stands behind France. The dead include two French police officers and several journalist.

More delays for schools systems today

The snow is melting and the ice is gone right now the concern is the fridgid temperatures that are expected to linger for the next few days. we will have a full look at our forecast with Meteorologist Veronica Johnson right after news. Several school systems opted to air on the side of caution this morning and started classes two hours last. Two in Northern Virginia cancelled classes.

Bob McDonnell vows to fight his recent prison ruling

Convicted felon former Governor Bob McDonnell plans to file an appeal today of his 2 year prison sentence handed down yesterday by a Federal judge in Richmond. McDonnell is due to report to prison next month, just days before his wife, Maureen is sentenced.

Prince George’s County leaders say “YES” to a new hospital in Largo despite funding confirmation

Despite a commitment from newly elected Maryland Governor Larry Hogan. Prince George’s County officials say they are going to move ahead with plans to build a new hospital in Largo. Under the O’Malley administration county leaders were told they the state would fund a third of the cost. The new hospital in Largo is estimated to cost $650 million dollars.

President Obama hits the road ahead of this morning “State of the Union Address”

President Obama is on travel today touting the countries progress in the housing market and the return of the auto and manufacturing industry ahead of the State of the Union. Today President Obama will deliver a speech in Detroit this afternoon and in Phoenix tomorrow. On Friday, the President will talk about his education initiatives in Tennessee. The State of the Union address is set for January 20th.

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