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The death of a A.A. man chased by police leads to unrest in Winchester, Va…

Tensions remain high in Winchester, Virginia this hour & officials are calling for calm. Protesters are vowing to return to the streets today to demand justice for D’Londre Minifield who died of a gunshot wound on Sunday after running from police. Police say none of their officers discharged their weapons during the chase and that the 20 year old committed suicide once police caught up to him. The family is demanding to see the autopsy report.

The candidates have new states to focus on after Super Tuesday…

It’s the morning after super tuesday and the front runners for each party —Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are focused now on their next big challenge — which will be on march 15th with primaries in Florida and North Carolina. Thanks to yesterday’s outcome Clinton has collected almost half of the needed delegates to win her party’s nomination. Trump leads his party in the delegate count as well. Trump is also favored to win in several key states that are winner takes all.

Serial killer due to enter a guilty plea deal in the murders of two Va college students…

The man charged with killing college students Morgan Harrington in 2009 and Hannah Graham in 2014 is due in court to enter plea deal that will prevent him from being put to death. Jessie Matthew’s court is appearance is at 1:30.

Pepco Exelon deal in jeopardy after Mayor’s announced she no longer supports it…

Leaders on both side of the Pepco Exelon merger in the district have 10 days to come up with an acceptable deal or it could be over. Yesterday in a surprise move Mayor Bowser pulled her support of the deal because of proposed changes suggested by the DC Public Service Commission removes rate payer protections. The $6.8 billion dollar deal has already received the approval from Federal Regulators and leaders in Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey.

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