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More delays as Metro rail service remains suspended…

Metro rails system wide closure made for a busy, long and frustrating drive for commuters this morning. The drive home in cars and the ride home on buses is expected to be just as hectic. Right now, inspectors are checking the safety of some 600 power cables. It follows a fatal smoke incident last year and a similar smoke alert on Monday. Metro rail is suppose to resume service at 5 tomorrow morning but officials warn it may be extended if other issues are discovered. WHUR will keep you up with that.

The President nominates a DC Judge to the Supreme Court…

It is official. President Barack Obama has name his Supreme Court nominee. His name is Judge Merrick Garland. Garland is a long time federal appeal court judge here in the District of Columbia. GOP leaders say they will not hold a vote on the Presidents nominee, instead they want to wait until a new President is elected.

A bond hearing is set for the Ford brothers charged in police shooting…

A Prince George’s County Judge will decide if two brothers involved in Sunday’s deadly police station ambush receive bail. Malik and Elijah Ford are both due for a bond hearing in connection with the death of Officer Jacai Colson. He was killed by fellow officers responding to the shooting rampage.

Funeral services for Officer Jacai Colson have been made…

Speaking of Officer Jacai Colson. Funeral arrangement for the 28 year old 4 year veteran of the force is set for Friday, March 25th at First Baptist Church of Glenarden.

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