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Metro rail reopens without incident….

It’s been an uneventful return to the rails this morning. All Metro trains continue to run on time and un interrupted this hour. Yesterday’s 29 hour shutdown resulted in inspectors finding more than two dozen problems, 3 of which were severe. All of the power cables have been repaired.

A man’s body in found in car in N.E…

DC police are still looking into the mystery of a man found dead inside of a vehicle last night near the Benning Road 295 exit ramp in N.E. The victims identity has not been released.

Michigan Governor testify’s on the hill about the water crisis…

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder is on the hot seat before a House oversight committee looking into the lead water crisis in Flint, Michigan. There are growing calls for Snyder to step down amid the water crisis. Meanwhile a new report by USA Today shows the lead water crisis is not just in Flint, Michigan but in about 2000 water systems across the U.S.. An investigation by the newspaper revealed high lead levels in some 350 systems that directly supply water to schools and day cares. Some 42 times higher than allowed by the EPA.

Merrick Garland heads to the Capitol to meet with GOP leaders about his Supreme Court nomination…

A day after President Obama nominated Merrick Garland as his selection for U.S. Supreme Court Judge– today he has meetings with Senate Republican leaders. Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell will not be in attendance, he’s vowed not to hold a vote on any nomination by the President and instead wait until the next president is selected.

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