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New Relisha Rudd search announced…

DC Police are following up on new tips on the possible whereabouts of missing 8 year old Relisha Rudd. Earlier this morning Police Chief Lanier announced the start of a two day search of the National Arboretum. Rudd was last seen in March of 2014 with a janitor from the DC General Homeless Shelter were Rudd was staying with her family. He committed suicide a short time after her disappearance was made public.

No arrest in triple stabbing of 3 women in S.E….

No arrest have been made in last night triple shooting of 3 women in S.E.. The victims who suffered non life threatening injures were found in the 23-hundred block of Green Street around 11 last night.

Leaders in Prince George’s County target strip clubs in residential areas…

Prince George’s County Officials are going after strip clubs located in residential communities. 12 establishments have been identified. They have until this Friday to pack up and move out for zoning law violations.

Va Gov. veto’s two educational bills…

Virginia Govenor Terry McAuliffe has vetoed two school choice bills that could affect kids who attend under performing schools. One would have created accounts so parents could send their kids to another schools or home school. McAuliffe says the measures violated the state constitution because it allows funds to be used for religious schools.

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