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Metro bus hijacker makes his first court appearance…

The 30 year old suspect arrested and charged with stabbing a Metro bus driver and then hitting and killing a pedestrian with the stolen bus is due in court. Keith Loving will make his first court appearance this afternoon. He faces 2nd degree murder charges in the death of Anthony Payne. Metro leaders are renewing talks of safety options for its drivers.

The President travels to Flint, Mi. to get an update on the water crisis…

President Barack Obama is headed to Flint, Michigan this afternoon. It’s his first visit since the water crisis there and its all because of 8 year old Mari Copeny who goes by the name lil Ms Flint wrote him a letter to visit her. There are reports that Michigan’s Governor will ask the President to drink the water, to show residents it is safe to drink.

Ted Cruz drops out, Trump ramps up following last night’s big primary win in Indiana…

Now that Ted Cruz is out of the race for President. Donald Trump’s campaign is starting to vet possible Vice Presidential candidates. Trump who has declared himself the presumptive nominee. told MSNBC this morning that he will “go the political route” in looking for a running mate. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders is planning to take his big primary win in Indiana over Hillary Clinton to the remain states and then to the floor of the DNC. Sanders admits getting the nomination will not be easy but it is possible. The next primary is in West Virginia on May 10th.

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