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Not “Guilty” in fourth Baltimore Police case of Freddie Gray…

A verdict has been reached in the case of the 4th Baltimore Police Officer charged in the death of Freddie Gray. Lt. Brian Rice has been found not guilty of all 3 charges against him including involuntary manslaughter and reckless endangerment.

DOJ getting involved in Baton Rouge cop shootings…

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says the Department of Justice is helping with the investigation of the ambush shootings of 6 officers in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Lynch spoke earlier this morning at the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives which is holding it’s National Convention here in DC. The Rev. Jessie Jackson will be awarded the Life Time Achievement Award.

Investigators still looking for motive in Baton Rouge Police shootings…

In Baton Rouge, authorities are still looking for a confirmed motive in Sunday’s police shootings. 29 year old former Marine Gavin Long was killed in a shoot out with police. An AR-15 style military rifle was used in the attacks. Recent video posted by Long show he was upset with how blacks were being treated by police.

NAACP hosts 107th Convention in Ohio, Trump is a no show, Clinton is on the stage…

The NAACP’s 107th National Convention continues in Cincinnati, Ohio today, it runs through the 20th. The theme “Our lives Matter, Our votes County”. Republican Presumptive Presidential Nominee Donald Trump has turned down an invitation to speak before the group. Hillary Clinton is speaking right now before the civil rights organization.

The Republican National Convention kicks off today…

The first session of the Republican National Convention starts at 1pm. Security is a major focus on day one. Trump will be in attendance to support his wife that will speak tonight. Today’s theme “Make America Safe Again”. An Estimated 50K people are expected to attend the convention with some 5k Police Officers covering the area.

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