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Fairfax County Mayor’s says he will resign amid a sex and drug scandal…

The Mayor of the City of Fairfax, Virginia Richard Silverthorne is planning to resign this Thursday, a day after he is scheduled to be arraigned. Silverthorne was arrested last week in a police sting for trying to exchanging drugs for sex with men. The interim Mayor of the City of Fairfax will be Council member Jeff Greenfield.

Delta airlines is back online, customers should expect delays and cancellations…

Delta airline has begun limited flights this morning. The power outage that began in Atlanta last night carried over into this morning grounding flight all around the world.  Delta customers should expect delayed flights and cancellations as the airline tries to get back to normal.

Va park worker charged with murdering a caterer over folding chairs…

A popular DC Chef is dead after getting into a dispute over folding chairs. Tyonne Johns was allegedly stabbed with a pocket knife by 19 year old Fairfax County Park worker Kempton Bonds. The stabbing happened during a wedding over the weekend at a Chantilly park about chairs Bonds believed belonged to the park service. Bonds now faces 2nd degree murder.

Trump prepares to unveil his economic plan, he’s hoping it will increase his numbers in the polls…

It’s been a ruff two weeks for Donald Trump and it’s reflecting in the polls. Hillary Clinton has a double point lead in some key battleground states. Trump is hoping to change that with today’s scheduled speech on his economic plan before voters in Detroit. Clinton will address supporters in Florida.

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