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1pm “Heat Advisory” set for today…

At 1 this afternoon the entire WHUR listening area will be under a “Heat Advisory” until 7 tonight. It will feel like 100 to 105 degree’s.

The search for more victims continues in Silver Spring…

Recovery crews are back out on the scene of last weeks deadly explosion at the Flower Branch Apartments. On Sunday, a fourth and fifth victim were pulled from the rubble. None of the victims have been able to be identified because of the fire and heat over the last few days. The ATF is still investigation the cause of the explosion.

Massive flooding in Baton Rouge leads to the death of 5, more rain expected…

5 people are dead in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. 10,000 are in shelters & 20,000 had to be rescued and unfortunately more rain is expected today. Congressman Garret Graves says some area’s will get a brief break today. The President has declared parts of Louisiana a Federal Disaster Area. Sections of Mississippi and Alabama are also dealing with flooding because of the same weather system.

It’s sentencing day for DC businessman Jeffrey Thompson…

It’s sentencing day for DC businessman Jeffrey Thompson convicted of giving thousands of dollars to politicians, like Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign and funding a shadow campaign for Vincent Gray in 2010. Gray was not charged w/ a crime. The prosecution is seeking 6 months of home confinement.

Trump talks national security, Clinton campaigns with VP Joe Biden…

Donald Trump has a plan to defeat ISIS. The GOP Presidential nominee plans to unveil that plan at 2 before voters in Youngstown, Ohio. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton will go after white working class voters when she teams up with Vice President Joe Biden in his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania.

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