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Red Cross steps in to help families affected by Bladensburg sink hole

WSSC crews are still working on preparing a massive sink hole created by a 12 inch water main break in Bladensburg. The rupture lead to a car filled with a family of three in it, literally being swallowed up. Thankfully they were able to escape unharmed. Several homes along Edmonston and Decatur Roads have been evacuated.

News sources say Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion

NBC News is reporting Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl will be charged with desertion. If you recall he is the soldier that in 2009 reportedly walked off a military installation during war to join the taliban. He was held for 5 years by them before President Obama traded Bergdahl for 5 Guantanomo prisoners. The decision angered many in his camp. The White House has not responded. President Obama is in Saudi Arabia leading a delegation paying their respects to the late King Abdullah.

Bob McDonnell will remain out of jail during his appeal

Convicted felon former Governor Bob McDonnell got his wish. An appeals judge in Richmond has rules that he can remain out of jail while he appeals his 2 year prison sentence on corruption charges. McDonnell was scheduled to report to prison on February 9th.

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