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Cell phone video leads to the arrest in a double hit and run

Police in Arlington have made an arrest in this weeks bizarre double hit and run. 39 year old Alexandra Medez was taken into custody at her home in Fairfax county thanks to cell phone video from the incident. The owner of MK Auto Sales and an employee were hit. The owner Noormustafa Shaika remains in critical condition.

President Obama’s Attorney General nominee is on the hot seat this hour

President Obama’s choice to replace outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder is Loretta Lynch. She is on the hot seat with Senate leaders grilling her on priorities for the Justice Department. Lynch who is a Veteran and a top New York Prosecutor said her focus will be on fighting against violent extremist that want to do harm to Americans and American interest.

Justice for 9 black activists 54 years after being wrongfully forced to serve time in a chain gang

A South Carolina judge has overturned the criminal convictions of nine civil rights protestors called the “Friendship 9). The group of young African American college students were dragged by police from sitting at a segregated counter in Rock Hill, SC. They men where forced to spend one month on a chain gang. There criminal records have been cleared and the state has offered them an apology.

Thousands of kids in Prince George’s County may have to go to a different school next year — leaders are holding a meeting about it tonight

If you live in Prince George’s County, your children may have to go to a new school in the coming years. The Prince George’s County School Board is holding a 7pm hearing on a proposal to change the school boundaries. Leaders are also looking at changes to the grading system and program. There’s talks of also closing Thomas Claggett Elementary and Kenmore Elementary. Tonight’s meeting at the Administration building is open to public comment.

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