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DC’s new Mayor proposes some major changes to the city’s summer youth program

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser stopped by the Department of Employment Services Jobs Training Center earlier this morning to make a major announcement to the program. During an early morning press conference Mayor Boswer announced that she would like to increase the age that someone can apply to 24, increase participants pay and provide transportation to job sites.

Jessie Matthew will not face the death penalty in the death of UVA student

Albemarle County Police and attorneys have just wrapped up a press conference on the latest in the murder of UVA student Hanna Graham. Jessie Matthew who was already charged with her 2014 abduction has now been formally charged with First Degree Murder and abduction with intent to defile. Matthew was not charged with Capitol Murder, so he will not face the death penalty.

Montgomery County School Board votes today on whether to change the start of school

We are still awaiting word from the Montgomery County School Board which is meeting behind closed doors this hour. They are voting on a proposal to change the start times for middle and high schools, making it later. At the time of this report they had not made their decision known. Join us tonight at 7 on the Daily Drum for more on this story.

The Brown family decided to take Bobbi Kristina off life support and The New York Post is reporting that the Brown family has decided to take Bobbi Kristina off of life support tomorrow–the 3rd Anniversary of the death of her mother Whitney Houston. Atlanta police have launched an investigation into her boyfriend, Nick Gordon whom many people thought was her husband. The family is said to be extremely emotional about the decision but they know it’s the right thing to do to quote, “Bond mother and daughter for eternity”.

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