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DC’s Mayor vows to end homelessness in the city

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser is keeping one of her campaign promises. This morning she announced her goal of ending homelessness in the District by 2018. Her plan includes helping families find permanent housing, with the support of local real estate professionals.

NTSB sends a strong and urgent safety recommendation to Metro Transit

The National Transit Safety Board is urging Metro to quickly repair the problem with their underground ventilation fans, to prevent what happened to dozens of riders on January 12th at the L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station. The NTSB which is investigation the incident, has discovered that the fans were not set properly and that they were blowing the smoke into the tunnels instead of out of them. They also said that the conductor did not shut off the trains ventilation system in a timely fashion.

Metro Leaders hold a public meeting today on raising rates

Metro Officials are holding a 1pm public meeting on a plan to raise rates yet again. Leaders are also looking at cutting some services. This is just the first of more planned meetings about the proposed fare hikes.

Prince George’s County School Board votes on closing two schools today

The Prince George’s County School Board is set to vote tonight at 7 on possibly close two schools. The schools in question are Thomas Claggett and Kenmore Elementay’s. The schools could be turned into childcare centers.


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