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A major snow storm is headed to the Metropolitan area…

The “Wind Chill Advisory” has been lifted but it is still bitterly cold outside. The National Weather Service has issued a 4pm “Winter Weather Warning”. The Warning will remain for the entire WHUR listening area until Tuesday morning. The immediate DC area could see between 4 to 8 inches, areas South of the District like Southern Maryland could see up to 10 inches of snow.

Kentucky teen shot by police in Baltimore following a car chase, wanted for killing his family over computer time

A high speed chase in Baltimore ended with a 16 year old murder suspect being killed by police. Jason Hendrix was wanted for last weeks shooting of his mother, father and younger sister in Kentucky. The motive, he was upset because he parents took away his privileges to use his computer. Hendrix was killed after a car chase with Baltimore County Police and an exchange in gunfire with officers.

Dr. Joshua Starr leaves his post today as the head of Montgomery Co. Schools…

Dr. Joshua Starr officially steps down today as the head of public schools in Montgomoery County. COO Larry Bowers will replace Starr on a temporary basis until a permanent replacement is found. The School Board hopes to choose a new leader by July.

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