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DC Mayor Bowser holds a press conference about last night snowfall recovery…

DC Mayor Muriel Bowser just wrapped up a press conference this morning on the city response to the snowfall last night. More than 200 snow plows and trucks were deployed Monday afternoon and remained on stand by until this morning. Many side roads still need to be cleared but all in all the city should reopen without much delay tomorrow morning. Metrobus has also resumed service this morning.

Metro new about problems with their fans before the Jan. 12th fatal accident…

A new report out this morning by the “Washington Post” states Metro was well aware of the problems with their underground fans before the January 12th fatal train accident on the yellow line at L’Enfant Plaza Metro Station. The Post says Metro was planning to upgrade the system but the process was the in the beginning stages of addressing the problem when the accident happened. According to the “Post” the transit agency admits the issue is with their outdated computer software that operates the subway ventilation system.

The White House plans to appeal a ruling to halt his executive order on immigration…

The Justice Department is planning to appeal a Texas federal judge that order the halting of President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration reform. The ruling places a temporary stay on the law that would allow millions of illegal immigrants to apply for citizenship without fear of deportation. The law was suppose to kick in later this week.
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