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A well known Md Senator announces they are retiring…

The Senates longest serving female has decided not to run for a 6th term. Senator Barbara Mikulski has just announced that she will not seek a 6th term. When she retires she would have served 5 terms in the Senate, some 30 years.

DC has a new leader for the fire department…

There’s a new person at the helm of the District’s troubled fire department.  Earlier this morning Mayor Bowser appointed former Seattle Fire Chief Gregory Dean to the position. Dean’s first day will be May 1st. Interim Fire Chief Eugene Jones has been placed on administrative leave.

Relisha Rudd update…

Missing but not forgotten. This week marks the one year anniversary of the disappearance of 8 year old Relisha Rudd. At 3:15 DC Mayor Muriel Bowser will hold a press conference to tell the public, if the District could have done more to prevent her disappearance. Rudd was living inside the DC homeless Shelter at the time of her disappearance with her mother and brothers. She was last seen with a janitor from the site. He later committed suicide. Her body has never been found. The FBI is offering a $25 thousand dollar reward in the case.

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