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DC City leaders vote on a big change to the soccer stadium

Right now, members of the DC City Council are meeting about changes to the original plans to build a new soccer stadium at Buzzard Point. The new plan would remove the Reeves Center from the deal in exchange for the land at Buzzard Point. Mayor Elect Muriel Bowser wants tax payers to pay $150 Million for the land and to sell the Reeves Center separately. DC United would be responsible for the cost to building the stadium. There is talk that the city council is considering using eminent domain to acquire the land at Buzzard Point if need be.

Charles County makes history with first A.A. sheriff

Just minutes ago Charles County made history with the swearing in of their first African American Elected Sheriff Troy Berry. The Charles County Sheriff’s Department is one of the oldest in the U.S., it’s been around for 356 years.

Special elect date is announced for the Ward 8 Council seat

It’s official the special election date to fill the Ward 8 City Council Seat once held by Marion Barry is April 28, 2015. Candidates interested in the position can get ballot petitions on Monday, December 8th. They must be signed and returned to the DC Board of Elections by January 28th.

President Obama asks for millions to deal with Ferguson racial issue

The President plans to ask Congress for $263 Million Dollars to deal with the racial unrest in Ferguson and in other communities of color across the country. The Commander and Chief plans to use $75 Million to purchase 50-thousand body camera’s for police and to expand training for law enforcement personnel across the country.

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