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Maryland Police launch a man hunt for a suspected murderer…

Maryland Police are looking for a man suspect of killing his wife earlier this morning at a Dunkin Donuts in Hanover, Maryland. The two both worked at the business. Police say the victim 21 year old Palek Patel was found in the kitchen.

Bowie High School student death still a mystery…

There’s still no answers regarding why a 16 year old Bowie High School student on a school field strip on Saturday. stopped breathing and died. Okon Ntekim who became sick on the bus was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Phillie mother accused of attempted murder will be extradited back home…

It’s unthinkable, a Philadelphia mother accused of leaving her 21 year old quadriplegic son in the woods for 5 days to visit her boyfriend in Silver Spring has been charged with attempted murder. 41 year old Nyia Parlor was arrested Sunday in Montgomery County. Right now she is in the hospital being treated for an unknown problem. Her son who can not speak and also sufferers from cerebral palsy is expected to survive.

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