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DC Police still searching for 2 missing kids in separate cases…

We have two missing young African American children in our area and their cases are not related. 11 year old Jerome Jackson has not been seen since last Thursday in S.E.. On Saturday, 13 year old Jordan Phillips went missing while in N.E.. You can see their pictures on my facebook page, instagram and twitter @taylorthomas963.

Baltimore Police under the spotlight following the death of a suspect in their custody…

The national spotlight is on the Baltimore Police Department. This following the death of a 25 year old in their custody. Freddie Gray was arrested on April 12th and about an hour and a half after he was taken into custody he had to be rushed to the hospital. An attorney for the Gray family says Doctor’s found that 80% of his vertebra was severed at his neck. The police department has yet to state what he was arrested for. The Mayor is vowing a full investigation into the matter. More protest are planned today.

6 Somali men arrested in U.S. terrorism investigation…

The FBI has just wrapped up a press conference confirming the arrest of 6 Somali men yesterday in two states as apart of a U.S. terrorist probe. They were all from Minnesota. They have not been identified.
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