Large Reward In The Beltway Shooting Death Of A Father Of 4

Large reward in the Beltway shooting death of a father of 4…

Police believe someone knows or seen something related to the shooting death of a father of 4 along the beltway Saturday night. There’s a $25k reward being offered. Investigators in Prince George’s County believe Andrino Lombre was an innocent victim in the shooting. His daughter Christina is pleading with witnesses to come forward. Lombre was found near the Route 4 exit sitting in his bullet-riddled white mercury grand marque. In the rear windshield, he had a large redskin logo and the words “Skin fan for life”.

DC Police investigate a claim an officer used his cruiser to hit a kid on his bicycle…

DC Police say they are taking the claim seriously from an 11-year-old boy who says he was knocked off of his bicycle by a police cruiser. The incident allegedly happened last Thursday on 6th Street in NW just after 8. The boy says the officer asked him to empty his pockets, the kid road off scared and dipped into an alley when the cruiser caught up to him. The child suffered a scrape to his knee. Police say they are looking into the matter. Residents say they saw the aftermath.

New laws hit the books for the month of July…

In Maryland the minimum wage increases from $8.75 to $9.25. State tax breaks for emergency services personnel begin. Funding for Planned Parenthood will be created in the event federal funds are removed under the guidelines of the Trump administration. In Virginia, if you are caught going too slow in the fast lane you face a fine of $100. New Opioid crisis assistance and now cities and counties can offer life time licenses for your dog or cat. The cost can be no more than $50. Liquor stores can now sell a high-proof grain of alcohol.

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