Mayor Bowser Meets With President-Elect Trump…

Mayor Bowser meets with President-elect Trump…

President-Elect Donald Trump has agreed to meet face to face with DC Mayor Muriel Bowser. The Mayor is on a train en route to N.Y. City for the 11 a.m. meeting.The two are expected to discuss infrastructure, growth,
and public safety.

DC City Council holds vote on Paid Family Leave Bill…

The DC City Council is set to hold the first of two full council votes on a Paid Family Leave Bill. The bill calls for DC residents to receive full pay for 11weeks to care for a new baby and 8 weeks to care for a sick parent or grandparent. If approved it would become the most generous Paid Family Leave bill in the country.

IRS warns refunds will be delayed…

Do not plan on getting your tax returns in January. The
IRS is now letting the public know they will delay refunds
until February 15th. The reason to help screen fraudulent claims.
Now if you are not claiming the Earned Income Credit or the
Additional Child Tax Credit you should get your refunds less
than three weeks after your returns are received.

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