Md Schools Could Start Later Next Year….

A mother and child are hit while crossing the street in Leesburg, Va…

In Leesburg, Virginia were a mother and a infant were struck by a vehicle during the rush hour this morning. Police say the mother and a five month old in a stroller were hit by a SUV on Riverside Parkway near an elementary school. A bystander had to perform CPR on the infant. They are both said to be in very serious condition. The driver stayed on the scene.

MD Gov. Hogan calls on schools to open after Labor Day…

This afternoon Maryland Governor Larry Hogan will issue a mandate that all state public schools start after the Labor Day holiday. It something Prince George’s County Executive Rushern Baker does not agree with. He’s not alone several state school superintendents also oppose the later start time for schools. Hogan says the delay could equal to $74 million in revenue for businesses and the state.

Trump heads to Mexico and Clinton heads to Ohio….

In the race to the White House, via tweeter Donald Trump announced a last minute decision to accept an invitation meet with Mexico’s President today. Tonight all eye’s will be on Trump when he delivers his highly anticipated immigration speech in Arizona. Hillary Clinton was also invited to meet with Mexico’s President, but she said she would consider speaking to him at the appropriate time. The two met back in 2014. Tonight Clinton has a stop in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Washington plays its last preseason game tonight…

Washington has its last game tonight at 8 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa. The game was moved up a day because of Tropical Depression 9 headed to the coast of Florida and all the way up the coast of North Carolina.

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